Friday, September 28, 2012

Presidential Debates - Expect to Find Some Tap Dancing

I found this pithy statement on a comment section of a news article ....

For both the presidential and vice presidential debates they should have all of the candidates "wired".... They could be hooked up to a lie detector that will give out shocks upon receiving a deceitful or untrue answer. By the end of each debate it would look like a couple of "Irish step dancers"

Could not have said it better myself.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

OT - Regarding Engineers - Is this really true?

Here is a transcript from a radio talk show. The caller was trying to explain WHY a politician seemed to be so clueless ...

 CALLER: The reason I'm calling is, I got a little different take on Akin and, you know, why he didn't back out. You know, I was doing like most other people. I was extremely angry. I'm listening to his interview yesterday, he seemed clueless and everything, but let me set this up for about five seconds.

I'm in sales, and what hit me when I was listening to him is when he said he's an engineer. And, you know what? I'm in sales right now. When I can get someone emotionally involved, I've got a huge chance of success. And whenever I run into an engineer, I'm in a dead end, 'cause you cannot get them emotionally involved; they're strictly looking at it analytically, and you just can't get 'em to make a decision.

And I see this guy as, you know what, he's an engineer, he's looking at, you know what, I just made one mistake, one little misstep, and to him that's such a small percentage of anything he's ever... that he can even comprehend. He can't comprehend the emotional aspect of this situation and how it can possibly affect this thing down the road.

RUSH: Well --

CALLER: He's looking at it as an engineer, and it's just like beating your head against the wall trying to get through to this man.

RUSH: Yeah, wait a second. In addition to being an engineer he's a Marine and he's a politician. He's been a politician for a lot of years. He's in the Missouri House of Representatives and he certainly understands politics.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: He's got to be able to reach people on a certain emotional level to get their votes.

CALLER: Well, I agree with you there. I just think this is ingrained in him, though. I mean when he said it, it struck a chord with me, and all I could see is so many engineers I sit down with, and you can't get 'em emotionally involved. And this is a huge emotional issue.

RUSH: Well, one thing that I will agree with you on, I probably would understand this. He, no doubt, thinks that he worked damn hard to get this far, and, you're right, I think, in his mind, "Hey, I misspoke. Big deal."

Any Comments???

He's Jus Say'in

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gotta Love Clint Eastwood

Deja Vu

Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to look over this cartoon from Chicago Tribune from 1934 and see the similarities to the politics that is being practiced nowadays.Note the text on the sign at the lower left.

In another post on this blog, I mention the discussion I had with Mitt Romney when he walked into a local Starbucks with presumably his advance team. My question to him was if in his opinion the people (the demographic of younger people such as those at the Starbucks) had any idea of what was in store for them. He stated emphatically "They have absolutely no idea."

Do we think they and many other Americans know now what is in store, or do they still believe the likes of Glenn Back and Ron Paul are screaming crazy alarmists? Where will all the non-believers be when it comes to pass. Will they run and hide like roaches. Will ANYBODY be found who will admit that they were the ones thinking Paul and Beck were crazy? 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just to be Fair About It

From a recent news item

Obama would make permanent the American Opportunity tax credit, created as part of his 2009 economic stimulus program. The credit provides up to $2,500 a year per student for college costs but is due to expire Jan. 1. Renewing it would cost an estimated $13 billion next year alone.

Says one college student to the other, "Oh, what the heck,  13 Billion here, 13 Billion there. Small change, as long as I can get my education at the other guys expense.

You see folks, this is how the STATE does it. It gives each of us a little piece of the pie and then once at the public trough, we are wont to leave it, coming up with all sorts of justifications why OUR feeding/"need" is appropriate but the other persons isn't.

BTW - the article also mentions how the average tuition cost went up about $ 8000 last year. Gee, go figure, the government prints and gives away free money and the prices of things goes up. Of course spending goes up when the money is "free".