Friday, April 30, 2010

Seen Around Town

Thursday, April 29, 2010

US Military to be Used as Camel's Nose

From the news this morning..

NEW ORLEANS – A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is even worse than believed and as the government grows concerned that the rig's operator is ill-equipped to contain it, officials are offering a military response to try to avert a massive environmental disaster along the ecologically fragile U.S. coastline.

Ah, yes. And the next thing is that, under the precedent set by such action,  they will then be used to do traffic control, meals on wheels delivery service, crowd control at the local football games, parking lot security, IRS collections activity, census canvassing, law enforcement, hurricane assistance, etc. I think you get the idea.

Brings to mind that around 1939 one of those countries over in Europe had a military arm that did such things.

Folks, the American military is designed to do one thing, kill people in times of war, and to project to potential aggressors the ability and willingness to do just that. It is not for any of these feel-good missions.

There is a reason for this. First, the killing part is self explanatory. Second, that its activities are limited [to killing and power projection] is because expansion beyond the activities of killing and power projection gets in the way of the first responsibility.[killing and power projection] This interference is caused by diverting resources which spreads the military too thin, and by changing the mindset of the military which induces the members to a soft state of mind and induces them to think that they can engage in other activities dictated by whatever King is in power at the time. Once so accustomed to performing  "other activities", such as traffic control in Bosnia or handing out food in Rwanda, it is but a short journey to bringing those activities onto American soil - the end game of course being to use the military as an arm of the King or enforcement of the King's policies, not as protection against aggressive outside nations but against those that speak against the King. Histroy shows that this subversion of the military is the eventual case, and indeed, is such knowledge was a major reason why the 2000 years ago the Roman Army was never allowed inside the city walls.

When the nation was being formed during the 2d American Revolution (1789) there was great resistance to having a standing military as it was asserted that eventually it could (and would) be used as the arm of the King against the People. This  kind of crap (using the military for non-military purposes of cleaning up oil-spills) sets a dangerous precedent - just as using the military as part of peace-keeping missions and as part of humanitarian aid activities sets a dangerous precedent.

First you get the military itself accustomed to performing non-military tasks where they interact with the civilian population, next you get them involved in activities directing the actions of civilians, and next you have them all primed and ready to go when you need to release them to control the citizens so as to advance the current government agenda. Bringing things home, do you not think that the American military will be used against tea party participants if there was civil unrest as the policies of the very government throw the country into chaos- do you not think that the military will be asked to help the King should there be a treat of a civil war? I wonder if the boys and girls attending the service academies have ever pondered that they may be asked to turn their arms and energies against the country's own citizenry. (General Lee and General Grant had to face this question in real time.)

Therefore it is important to recall what they say in Arabia -

Let not thy camel's nose be seen under the edge of your tent, for soon thy beast will be inside, yea, shall have no place to sleep, thy stores [food] shall be gone, and yea shall starve.

~ Jazeeb's admonition to his sons concerning the harm that befalls when one allows incursion of another onto one's property

First oil spill cleanup in the Gulf, next,  herding you up into the cattle pens of the socialist re-educationcamp.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Those Evil Bankers???

~ Cato

Let’s see.

First, the government forced the banks to issue loans they should not have made.

Second, they removed the risk.

Third, they manipulated interest rates to enable reckless purchasing.

Without government coercion and government guarantees and government interest rate manipulation, this never could have happened. Nothing would have induced the bankers to create such risky financial instruments had not the government with the aid of the Fed forced them, and protected them from the risks capitalism requires – and without those instruments, the scheme to provide homes to people who had no business taking out a loan would have failed.

Too little regulation? Give me a break. The whole affair was regulated from the get-go, using the banking system which itself is one of the most regulated industries in the country. Even now, after the meltdown, evil legislators are still trying to revive the housing giveaway. And will someone explain to me please how is this all the fault of the evil bankers?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Money- The Root of All Good

From a news story:

E-mails released Saturday morning show top executives at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. boasting about the money the firm was making as the national housing market collapsed in 2007.

The e-mails suggest Goldman benefited from its bets that securities backed by subprime mortgages would lose value.

Gee, imagine that. They placed a bet - a bet they could LOSE - and which would kill them if it went against them, and now the have-nots are angry that it went the other way and that they made money. Good thing nobody knows that I bought that land out int he desert and then sold it at a profit.
Profit Jealousy is the root of all Evil - not Profits. That this is true, then what does that say about those that harbor Profit Jealousy and THEIR contribution to evil.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tragic Deaths in Oilfield Ruled Acceptable As Long As Environment Protected

From a news story regarding the explosion on a Louisiana oil rig where 11 people lost their lives...

Authorities could not say when the flames might die out on the 400-by-250-foot rig, which is roughly twice the size of a football field, according the Transocean's website. A column of boiling black smoke rose hundreds of feet over the Gulf of Mexico as fireboats shot streams of water at the blaze. Officials said the damage to the environment appeared minimal so far.

Whew, thanks be to God that after 11 people losing their lives in a burning conflagration, that the "environment" is safe.

11 people were killed and you still have to put in your politically correct enviro-speak slant to the story? A great example of chickification of the news.

Quite frankly, in this context (and most others), I do not give a crap about the environment. I am sure though, that the relatives of the dead are perfectly fine for the story about their deaths being used to plug some made up crap about feeding the whales and saving the hungry.

Makes me want to vomit. .. Oops .. but that would harm the environment, right?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Lesson Concerning Cats, Mice, and Cream

Just got this in an email from my engineering professional society's local office - They want us to come out and  "give back" [barf]

SA ASCE Members,

Registration for Habitat for Humanity on April 24th is now posted to the website. If you can, please participate in this worthwhile effort to help build simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need.

Kimberly Corbett
To which I promptly replied

How does feeding a cat cream, help him desire to learn to catch mice?  Just a thought from a curmudgeon that does not have to toe the line anymore.

Does anybody think that she, or any at the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), will get it that this sort of "giving back" does nothing more than help perpetuate the very thing they, in their misguided way, are  trying to "help"?

Poor people get enough help from others- that is why they remain poor. It ain't rocket science.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebration of Language Diversity Dooms Educator's Efforts to Educate

Read this article about the struggles of Lee high school, and the inability of educators to fix the problems there. But, you only have to read two sentences to understand what the problems is and how to fix it:

Language is at the heart of the largely immigrant student body's struggles. Although Lee celebrates the more than 40 languages from around the world spoken among its 1,850 students, the number of students considered “English language learners” is 780, greater than the entire populations of some high schools.

Yeah,  and you want to know how to fix the problem ???  Stop celebrating Language Diversity and instead eradicate every language from the American educational system except ENGLISH.

Good Grief, have you not ever wondered why all your computer equipment can have a Plug and Play capability nowadays?? It is because that huge evil gorilla Microsoft forces everybody to a single standard .. and thank god that they did. And yes, in case you were all wondering how I feel - diversity is the #1 problem today. If you don't believe it then just try reading  this.

Theksh whnsu jkuson nshhhihwyhgk.

What, you want me to type it in English you racist pig?

So Much for "Taking a Break"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taking a Break

Some of my loyal followers have wondered why I have not posted anything in a while. The answer is that quite frankly I am worn out from all the previous posting. I had thought that Mr Obama and his posse would read a few installments of my diatribes and fulminations and on that decide that it would really be best if they changed their course of action.

Alas, all this was to no avail. They and their ilk persist in their run to destruction.

Couple this with the fact that I was asked by a group of businessmen to come address their group because they had "panties in a wad" concerns about the recent Health Care bill. Considering that I do not work for free, and wanting to test whether they wanted substance, or just some free finger-painting directed against Obama, as opposed to a wake-up call to the creeping cancer of government of which Obama is simply a symptom, I indicated that it would take an advance payment of $700 bucks, plus the condition that the floor would be mine, and the condition that the presentation would be a no holds barred, "No Apologies Tour" with equal opportunity of scorn heaped upon them, for thinking that a Republican administration would fare them any better than a Democratic one, as well as scorn on the liberals for thinking that Obama was going to save the planet.

The businessman's group failing the screening test, I was informed that although the information was good and that they needed to hear it, that the venue was "not the right one". Whew ... that saved me a lot of headache. In my earlier day, I would have created the entire presentation before finding out whether I would be on the schedule or not. In this instance, I did not think about it at all.