Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Joe Biden Was Talking About

This morning Fox News had a piece on Biden's rant about opportunity and how Republicans are the Evil Rich that are holding everybody down. Fox News wanted some input as to what folks thought.

Well, having been stirred out of my complacent slumber here goes .....

I understand perfectly what Biden was talking about. What he was talking about was that if the Republicans do not jettison the likes of Karl Rove and the other establishment hacks that are paraded on Fox, then we are going to lose big time in the next election. Guys like Rove will be FOREVER associated with GEORGE BUSH and that connection gives Democrats a free tool to use against ANY Republican candidate.

On those "independent" voters ....... I am one of those independents, and if I have to have Barrak Obama for another 4 years so as to teach the Republicans a lesson, then I am all for it.

I am ashamed of what used to be my party. They have sold out and they need to wake up and represent ME and millions of other just like me that are tired of the Republican lock-step that simply parrots the same repackaged brand of Big Government that we hear from the Democrats.

The true colors of the Republicans were shown by the TARP bailout bill, where ALL, count em ALL of my delegation from Texas( Cornyn, Smith, Hutchison) voted FOR this massive pork initiative that did nothing but give Democrats the open door to tax and spend ... and to win the next election. How do you whine and complain about bailouts to GM when you gave bailouts to the banks. It seems that everybody in on the government dole, they just use different hands to take it (from me).

On another note, many of the Republicans that I have spoken with do not get this point. When the TARP is brought up, because it was done by a Republican administration, then they defend the thing and quit reading my blog. When I mention , "Hey how about paying for your own darned medical bills, brought along because of natural old age, or because of choices you made earlier as to lifestyle, or  simply brought along by life's chances, they give me the look which says they are ENTITLED to their piece of the pie. What hypocrisy, folks running around whining about the other guy and how he is stealing pie, when they have a mouthful of pie crust themselves.

Well, guess what? The chickens have come home to roost in Barrak Obama. That Barrack Obama is at 46% approval rating right now after what he and the Democrats have done to the country is appalling.

Do the Republicans not get it? Makes me want to VOMIT.