Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump Supporters - You Are About to Get Trumped

~ February 29, 2016

We have all heard presidential candidate Trump talk about immigration and his plans for those here illegally. For the red meat crowd, his pronouncements are like a juicy T-bone greedily consumed in a frenzy of mindless chomping , yet amid all the clawing and scratching as the people devour his rhetoric, and thereby sate their emotional appetite to “do something”, one has to wonder if the agitated crowd has really heard beyond what they simply wanted to hear.

Do these teeming masses of nationalist flag wavers ( and I am not saying that nationalist flag wavers are bad, it was simply thrown in there to get your attention) understand what Trump really means when he says he will deport those that are here illegally, and furthermore, do understand what he means when he says that those that enter the country are going to do so legally?

Do they understand that Trump’s understanding of what he is saying is not what their understanding is of what he is saying?

Folks, as you are munching away on your steak dinner, consider and contemplate that Consulates and Embassies are sovereign territory. For example,  Mexico’s consulate in San Antonio is MEXICAN Territory. You step into that Consulate and you are in Mexico.

Next consider that after Trump is elected, he will issue a directive to create an American Immigration Adjustment Program (AIAP). He will then issue a directive to Homeland/INS to create rules and procedures to document and process illegals for deportation under his AIAP.

He will also issue  a proclamation to the public that all those illegally in the United States are to report to a U.S. administrative facility, such as a post office, etc.,  to fill our paperwork for the executive-order-created American Immigration Adjustment Program. The paperwork will consist of biographical information and other information such as length of time in the U.S., any American children, job history, criminal and civil legal history, driving record, economic status and savings, etc.

Once this information if gathered , each applicant will be background checked. They will then be issued a final order of removal, and be told to report to their nearest consulate or embassy, or to go to the Mexican side of an authorized crossing/entry point.  Once they are at the embassy or consulate/or entry point, and having steeped one foot into Mexico to “dry out”, they are on Mexican soil, and have therefore been deported. Thus it is that Trump will fulfill his deportation promise using the same idea of “drying out” that has been used before.

Now that the deportation part of the law (and Trump’s promise) has been fulfilled, each applicant who has no criminal history of objectionable nature, has kids, a job, etc,. based on some sort of priority scheme, will be  given legal entry  to the United States with a visa or a green card (with worker authorization, of course) with instruction to keep your nose clean and report to the nearest immigration probation office monthly. A proviso will be added that  if they are charged with a crime, then they will be removed, and their funds in the bank frozen ( see below),  with some other penalty  - perhaps forfeiture of a bond. All this to keep them motivated to keep clean.

All this deportation and re-entry may be done easily under the presidential immigration pardon or attorney general pardon provisions already in the existing immigration law which allows unlimited pardon/waiver  in immigration matters.

In this way then, entry will be legal ( indeed ,there need be no new laws made as all this is already possible under existing law), and Trump will have kept his promise that people enter this country legally.

Back to the work permit - This will be a special permit having a provision that all the re-entrants  money must be deposited to a United States participating bank which will track income and outflows, and be used as a tracking and control device. Any employer paying under the table will be fined big bucks, AND,  whistle blowers from the new entrants will be encouraged by a  bounty to turn in offending employers that do not comply with these deposit and tracking provisions. Indeed, to beef up to program certain whistle-blowers will get to have their green card upgraded to allow a fast track path to citizenship.

After all this is disclosed, American will howl and scream, because although they heard Trump use the words deport and enter legally, it has never have crossed their minds to listen more carefully, and thus they never have put the two together that the people allowed to enter legally were going to be many of the same ones just deported.

They also did not care to read Donald Trump’s, and his son Eric Trump’s, statements to media as to the fact that, for the most part,  the same people deported by his father would be the same ones that legally re-entered. (From articles in the Washington Post December 15th, 2015, and RedState December 6th, 2015, respectively.)

Trump will shrug and take the position that it is not his problem that people do not listen. Indeed, he is counting on it.