Monday, August 22, 2011

Handout's Abound

This gleaned from a politicians web site

While there, I pledged to work with them to ensure all emergency federal resources are readily available; our agriculture industry should not be left to fight one of the most severe droughts we’ve ever seen alone.

Ahhh, yes, another bailout - this time to a group that engages in an activity that has, as part of its risk, the risk of a freaking drought.

Yet everyone bitches and moans

when it is the homeless that want "their" handout
when it is the drug users that want "their" handout
when it is the alcoholics that want "their" handout
when it is the auto industry that want "their" handout
when it is the oil companies that want "their" handout
when it is the treehuggers that want "their" handout
when it is the lazy people  that want "their" handout
when it is the retired that want "their" handout
when it is the unions that want "their" handout

etc - I could go on forever ...

All of it seemingly set up to revolve on  special 'interest" .. but hey, as long as I get my "special interests" paid for at your expense then why should I care . You don't, when it is the other way around.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Congressman Lamar Sellout Smith Does it AGAIN!

From Congressman Lamar Sellout Smith's website .....
Seneca's Commentary in Red

Smith to Vote for Budget Control Act  ARRRGGGG

Washington, Jul 29 -

Congressman Lamar Smith will today vote for the Budget Control Act of 2011. This bill would cut federal spending by more than the debt ceiling is increased. NO It will not

“The United States is facing a fiscal crisis, caused by excessive government spending. The federal government is now borrowing 42 cents for every dollar it spends. No family, no community, no business, no country can afford to do that.

“I have long believed in fiscal responsibility. BALONEY I was a member of the Budget Committee when we achieved the first balanced budget in over twenty years. I have co-sponsored balanced budget amendments to the Constitution. And I have voted against raising the debt limit in the past.

“I support this legislation because it meets two important goals – it cuts spending by more than it raises the debt ceiling and it doesn’t raise taxes. Tax increases have never created jobs. This is the first battle in a long war on reckless government spending. We must continue to put restraints on future spending. This bill is a step in the right direction though many more steps are needed.”

No Lamar - It will not cut spending - You sold out the voters again. You know how the people will know that the situation in Washington is turning around??? When the Republicans in your own District 21 post a candidate against YOU in your own primary.

The Budget Control Act of 2011:
· Requires the House and Senate to vote on a balanced budget amendment before the end of the year.

· Saves $917 billion over ten years, and raises the debt ceiling by less –$900 billion. BALONEY

· Includes no tax hikes. Nawww - Just fuels inflation and devaluation of the dollar

· Creates a Joint Committee of Congress that is required to report legislation that would reduce federal spending by another $1.8 trillion over 10 years. FAT Chance - Just what we need in Washington another fuc*&^ing committee